Just started using service workers. I've never been more excited about anything ever. Ever!

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    I don't know about it yet. What is it about?
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    Webworkers? I need to get my mind around those to finish something :/
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    Short answer is that they're scripts that run outside a web app (but still in the browser). I'm going to use them for precaching my app, syncing with server data (stuff like making post requests that wait for your internet to be alive) and push notifications in the browser. Shortest way of putting it is that your apps can work offline too. @tahnik
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    What are you working on? @nbamaral
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    Yeah they are amazing.
    The entire concept of PWA is just so fascinating. 😍
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    And it's kind of crazy what features you can get with very little config @Cyborg
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    I have a webpage that evaluates 300 plus computer software deployment status (parsing XML from WPKG ) . It also spawns remote installs, removes,etc via winexe ( psexec for Linux).
    Right now it outputs each background process to a different browser tab.
    I want it to process the different outputs on a unique page, and the webworker seems to be a good way to do it.
    Also in the future it could monitor for computers getting online needing to get synced and start the process automatically.
    It might allow removing winexe from the equation and use the workstation resources.
    I know it's a a confusing explanation, but it's a work in progress. 😀
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