An old company contacted me, seemed remorseful and said I probably didn't want to work there again but kept pushing. Eventually he said a high salary and I figured ok they had easy projects and the overpaying would beat the underpaying they did while I was there, right?

The new lead dev at the place took a month to give me work, tried to pressure me by saying she was going to tell management they are behind because of me, and then progressively stopped assigning tickets to me and assign-then-reassign them from me according to my schedule/predictions I revealed during the daily stand-ups. Why hire me at all. Then they said they changed their business direction at 3 months and let me go. What a waste of everyone's time.

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    If an old company contacts you, be very weary. I would recommend avoiding this company., as they will try to lowball you. Telling from an experience.
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    Its not good if you did the bare minimum and showed zero initiative, and if it was fine for you to spend first month while literally doing nothing. Lead seems to be an asshole, but for some reason it doesnt sound like you had any sense of urgency or ownership there either.
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    At least you pocketed some extra cash. Fuck 'em!
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