i hate group assignments. why is this guy doing a class in accessibility if he's not gonna pay attention and not gonna make the code accessible? and the audacity to tell us that "we can fix the accessibility stuff afterwards". the accessibility is literally the assignment!!! you're not doing shit!!!

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    Ah, yes. Also "we can add security later".
    That always works out.
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    also no you can't fix it afterwards, literally the only way to do accessibility right is to build it into the thing from the start
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    Tip coming from a teacher. If you've tried exhausting the "decent" options (giving feedback, offer help in doing it better, divide tasks, ...) then start logging the agreements you made with him and how he failed to meet them. Discuss it with your teacher at least once, a couple weeks before deadline.

    Most teachers are perfectly fine with failing individuals in a group assignment, as long as you can prove that the individual was useless and did not help the group. This is not snitching, this is making sure you get the grade you deserve.
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    @Lucky-Loek my problem with this wasn't that he didn't do anything, is that he only wanted to do the same shitty code he always did. he clearly didn't pay any attention to the class and is not making any effort of learning something from it. the entire point of the assignment was making good web development with semantics and good practices so it fits regulations and works for disabled people. He's coding, but anyone in that class could do that shitty code that won't pass a validator and won't work with a screen reader
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