If your computer is slow, check the running process and confirm that non is doing >1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render a window.

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    Can confirm, this is a performance killer. I remember a project we had that was designed with a lot of limited small API calls. So just to render home you would have to do good 15-20 requests just to get all thr user info and home screen.

    Worst still, they didn't get cached (not client nor server)... The thing took well over 3 seconds to load.

    Though I also worked on an even worse project that had this in the extreme with over 50 calls and it took, no joke, 12 seconds! This was"ok" because it was a hospital system and they are "used to worse".

    Serve to render guys, unless you plan to release your API publicly, serve to render. Batch, graphQL or otherwise
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    Just randomly disable microservices it should solve the issue.
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    Don’t forget to disable MFA first
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    LOL. But seriously: what do you think of the term RPC in 2022?

    A sure sign that Musk didn't really know what he was talking about, or a legit term?

    I pretty much had never heard it, had to look it up and unsure if it was intended as a synonym for "network calls" and why that more common term wasn't used.

    And do you think the fired Android dev was correct saying Twitter does zero RPCs? as much as I symphathize with him, I kinda assume he's wrong, as I guess you could say any network call is an RPC?
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