What are your thoughts on TortoiseSVN?

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    Once you go Git, SVN seems like a pile of shit.
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    Just don't!
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    We use it at work. It's not so bad. Definitely prefer git
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    Git is waaaay better
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    The only thing I've seen it used for is syncing old Gmod mods. I can't imagine using it as a VCS.
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    SVN is okay for small projects with small pool of developers. But it's very archaic.
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    I use it at work. Team of two developers. It works ok, but if someone would ask me, I'd nevertheless recommend git.
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    Git it!
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    We use svn... Just because no one wants to change :(
    I use git for my small projects
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    @franga2000 those were the days :')
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    I always worked with git, at my new job we work with SVN and I was like oh my God! That's amazing how git was making things easier without even me noticing it! In SVN merging is bullshit, and there is a small equivalent of stashes that is called patch, it's not that good though.. it creates a patch file (that you have to save on your desktop) and manage between them.. all in all I prefer git and now try to convince them at work to switch to git
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    We also still using SVN. It is not that bad (properly because I don not know how it would be using Git in businessđŸ˜€), but at least we plan to switch to Gut and new projects will also rely on Git.
    SVN - Rest in Peace!
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