Any day when I'm manic. Can work 12 hours without feeling tired. Also, 30% intelligence boost. Feeling like a god. Solving people's problems in minutes left and right.

It's unfortunate it only last a month tops, with the remaining year being deep depression. Matter of fact, I got diagnosed with bipolar type I when my psychiatrist mapped my awards from released products and articles to the timeline, and it resembled a bipolar cycle.

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    That looks like a safety mechanism to me. You sound like you would totally burn yourself out by constantly crunching hard just because you can. You probably don't do so while depressed.
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    @Oktokolo mania is not a mere absence of depression. Mania is whole another level
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    @kiki Makes sense that the defective regulation system overswings on both ends.

    Does caffeine weaken the depression and does abstaining from it weaken the mania?
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    @Oktokolo for me, caffeine rises anxiety levels somewhat, because it rises heart rate, and when my heart is racing for any reason, I feel more anxious, and vice versa. It has almost no effect on my cycle. The mind clarity I get when I maintain my sleep time is miles ahead of what caffeine can do.
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    Maybe there are triggers that come into play for the other 11 months ?

    I'm reminded when I saw a therapist who told me to cut out of my life all the things that caused negative issues like that.

    Now I'm productive all 12 months of the year !

    But I have no friends..
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    @Nanos can you give me an example if that’s okay with you? Or an advice? I could really use one from you
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    Friends of bad influence for example, or rather, people you associate with who may somewhat be loosely described as a friend, but perhaps because you just hang out in nearby spaces, means you see them and chat.

    They might encourage you to go drinking, take drugs, visit areas full of violent criminals, get a job at a company you hate. :-)

    Family members who react negatively to every positive thing you do, and degrade you in front of others.

    Friends who just want you to pay for everything.

    Friends who lean on you for emotional support, but don't want to listen to you when you need it.

    Friends who borrow money and never pay it back.

    Friends who borrow things and never return them, or do so and they are broken/damaged.

    Friends who only want a lift because you have a vehicle.

    Friends who don't help you with anything.

    Places that make you feel uneasy, don't go there !

    Hate swimming, don't do it !
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    @kiki Then there are good / reward things that I find help.

    Enjoy watching TV, allocate a couple of hours each day to watching stuff you really enjoy.

    Have a favourite food treat, make sure you have it once a week.

    Try to schedule and plan your time, so it is one less thing to worry about.

    Try to have backup solutions in place, that extra pair of socks so you never have to wear a pair with a hole in it since that is all the washed socks you have left.

    That spare money in case your bus pass doesn't work and you need to get home. ( A spare bus pass even.. )

    Try to reduce the number of projects and things that need doing to a low levels, so there is less stress in your life.

    A friend of mine says not to stress the small stuff, and to prioritise things in a list, so those that are important drift to the top, and those least, stay at the bottom, perhaps forever.

    Try not to think of what is on the list, only what is near the top, and go through it now and then.
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    @kiki Music can help lift your mood.

    Easier these days to get something you like to listen to.

    Though I always keep having to buy more spare parts for my music player !

    Hopefully as I learn more about electronics, I can fix all the broken ones I have here..
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    @Nanos thank you a lot 🥰
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