Coming from a PHP, JS and Flutter developer:

I want to start building more websites entirely with Js frameworks. The less the better. Needs to import json data, perform ajax requests etc.

Can't decide, do I learn Vue or Svelte?

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    @Kernel thanks, yeah I was thinking that would be the case. Shame because svelte looks cool, but I'm done with learning new technologies that I'll never use.
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    @Kernel Too bad most of the courses aren't actually that great, since some of the content creator cheated. They constantly changed the name of their course, slapping the year 2022 on the title even though the content isn't really made on 2022, nor did they remake their videos. I even found a lot of course that states year 2023 version. LMAO. Are they time travelers or something? Does this mean they know ahead of time a new language feature that will be announced in 2023?

    I am speaking from actual experience. I have bought and watched some of these courses. 48 hours out of 49.5 hours of their video lectures are actually old videos from 1-3 years ago. They only explain the 2022 material in those remaining 1.5 hours.

    The problem with their trick is, frameworks evolve fast. The best practice of using VueJS is rather different from two years ago. I would rather look at the examples : https://vuejs.org/examples, and official documentation: https://vuejs.org/guide
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    Why AJAX when you have fetch..
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    Svelte wouldn’t feel like a “new” tech.
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    Max was one of such person. Dangerous, considering he's one of the top lecturers on Udemy.

    I was like "Dude, how is this a 2023 edition? When 95% of your course contents are about Angular 13, which was released on November 2021? Be honest with your course title and you will become an actually great guy."
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    @daniel-wu Max usually edits his previous courses to add updates as and when they happen. That's what he did with his flutter courses anyway
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