This is the year of non negotiation for developers. I’m tired of getting told to mindlessly do shit. I am not going to fucking budge on my standards just because other people are lazy. I am smarter than them and they will fucking concede to my demands for direction or they can go fuck themselves.

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    That is because you care about the work you do.

    More people working should do that. It will make a workplace easier and better.
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    @Grumm I wish all developers had to take an oath like doctors.

    The software we write changes the world in many ways. If we were to follow a code of ethics we wouldn't have things like Facebook selling our personal data or advertiser tracking.

    We might even have stronger protections for tech like AI and facial recognition.

    When the bossman says "do it", we are unable to say "no" because our jobs are on the line. Only way to fix that, unionize.
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    @sariel Yes, same as the constructor building a house, it is his duty to make it straight and to make sure it doesn't fall down.

    Or surgeons...

    Why should a tech job be any different ?

    I see this all the time with my senior colleague.

    He starts a project, using some stuff we never use.

    Here I am, warning him that it doesn't require our needs, we should better use this and that. (Because we already have the knowledge)

    Doesn't listen, does it the way he wants, later I get a phone from him, asking for help because the installation failed due to incompatibility...

    Told hem firmly (not in those words) 'the I told you so'. But I refused to help him out. He allowed that shit, so he should be the one fixing it. And if that isn't possible, he should be responsible for the result.
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    @BixelPitch yeah the ACM one and IEEE are the main ones I can think of
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    @BixelPitch Should I send this to the senior here ?

    Especially point 8.

    When asking if he reads tech books, the answer was : 'No, in the weekend I am to busy working in the garden and trimming the trees'. (But does not know how to work in windows 10 and doesn't want to learn when asked too...)
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    @phat-lasagna So how can you implement such pledge in a company ?

    Just asking the CEO that I wish all system engineers agree with this paper ?
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    @Grumm potentially, I just think there shouldn’t be this trickle down accountability that we typically see. A lot of shit software is because management lets be honest, but guess who gets blamed?
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    I relate to this... From both sides.

    I hated it when a superior told me to do something just because. Then I became CTO.

    Then you realize you don't have enough time to babysit everyone. You want something done a certain way because reasons (legitimate reasons you can't afford the time to explain to a junior) and you don't want unnecessary questioning of your choices.

    Sure, that also means you take the fall if your choice fails, but that was always fine with me.

    So I guess I've also been the asshole from time to time. I'm all for discussion and debate, there's a command and responsibility chain and you have to follow it, on both ends.

    As to ethics, I guess I'm in a gray area. When I know something is illegal, I outright refuse. If I have doubts, always in writing from a superior/legal team.

    If legal, but shady, I'd rather do it myself the least scummy way I can, because otherwise they'll get someone else to do it in a totally scummy way anyway.
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    @BixelPitch Well, for now I focus on my own work. The advise I give, isn't always part of my job.

    Maybe I shouldn't worry about his part. But it is falling apart and just watching on the sideline isn't my style. I want to do the right think and care about it.

    Sure he only has to work until 2024. Must be easy to not give a shit when you know you will not be there anymore to fix it all.

    Managers doesn't care. He worked all his life in the company (more than 30y) Who am I with only 7y in the firm to tell him that he isn't doing his job right ?

    Maybe quitting is an option, but the part I do is challenging and nice. By leaving, I would just give more trouble. (Struggles when working as the only dev on a project I guess)
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    @CoreFusionX yeah like I won’t question shit if it’s organized, but like if they are telling me to just do something with no design or no requirements I’m saying no every time
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    Oh, definitely.

    There's never an excuse for other parties not to do their jobs.

    Another thing is if actually eliciting requirements is *your* job 😂
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    @Grumm start with yourself. Take the pledge, apply it for some months. Document your journey and share it with your peers.

    When you want others around you to change, be the leader that they need.

    When a team moves forward true leaders move with it. If your lead doesn't, management will be looking towards you to provide.
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    Not always easy though. People can be excellent at their work and not have leadership skills, and ain't one thing wrong in that.

    I kind of had leadership dumped onto me professionally, and found that it only works if you give and receive trust.

    You can't work with people who don't trust you, and you don't want to work with people you can't trust.

    So yeah, *definitely* be the change you want to see in the world, but it's not always easy to inspire it.
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    @CoreFusionX "you can't work with people who don't trust you, and you don't want to work with people you can't trust."

    That's the awful truth of the whole shitshow...
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