Client: can you filter boats by location?
Me: Let me see... As you know, there are three remote systems that feed data into your database. I'd have to make a connection between the location records. But I can't rely on coordinates, name, ID or anything else. You'd have to manually create those links for me by remote systems records IDs. Telling me that record XY from system A is identical to record YX from system B, etc...
Client: How many records are we talking about?
Me: 504.

Three days later...

Client: Got it, is that enough for you in excel?
Me: Let me see... Very nice work, I can work with that.
Client: I almost died on it!

An hour later...

Me: Got it, test it and let's run it on the production version.
Client: It works beautifully.

A minute later...

Can we filter the ships by ports?
Me: Let me see... Yes, it's theoretically possible, but it's the same situation as with places...
Client: How many records are we talking about?
Me: 12,647.

Skype relayed to me the sound of something heavy falling, something grunting. Something dying.

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    Certainly there’s gotta be an automated way to do this
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    @red-knot I'd love to, but unfortunately not. I don't like murdering my clients. Mostly. Records across systems cannot be compared other than by GPS coordinate distance, for example, but this will not be accurate. The records have essentially nothing in common.
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    @Lexter neural networks can be trained better than human recognizing stuff xD
    That is another topic... What are the costs of implementing it
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