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I am a 24yo Software Engineer guy and had just started working professionally 2 years ago, and most of my work life went in WFH due to covid. Before that, my college was also near to my home, so i have never left my home for more than a few hours to do studies.

Life had went pretty smoothly so far but now I see a lot of hurdles coming into my path . i am 24 and don't have a license for even a 2 wheeler. I don't have a good idea of my own city (but fortunately it has a great infrastructure , so i know how to travel via public transport to anywhere easily). mainly I don't know how to live alone.

The worst thing currently happening for me is that my company is transforming from WFH to WFO. The office is in a different metropolitan city which is crazy expensive and short on space. I already am uncomfortable with the idea living on my own but the thoughts of sharing a room/bed with some other guy and having my savings cut from 90 to 50% is worse.

i am hopeful that the financial hit will not be that bad as appraisals are coming, but this picture of hustle is scary. will i indulge into bad habits (drinking, gambling, smoking)? will i loose my health? would i need to wash my clothes and cook my food everyday? would i even have time to think and watch some web series, video tutorial? would i cut cost everywhere? every thing is scary. the market is also very bad right now, i am not getting any interviews even after applying to many places.

how do you prepare yourself to live away from home? Also , how do you prepare your family to live away from you?

(for 2nd question, i am a single child of a nuclear family with rarely any relatives or friends. my parents , especially my mom have been super involved in my life and we both have an exteem8 attachment to each other. i have recently started going away for short trips and travels, but she gets super emotional and concerned on thinking about me living and managing things on my own , away from her)

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    Fuck all this and start learn to trade forex... you can do it
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    Looks like you have to find some job in your home town if you can't convince your current employer to let you work from home.
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    just grind it out. Just do it. Don't be a *ussy.
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    Your mom is problematic. You can't have someone too emotionally attached to you. They bog you down.
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    You probably not gonna wanna hear this but I'm gonna say it anyway
    Always go with the choice that's scares you the most, because it's the choice that gonna help you grow!
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    This is going to sound a bit harsh but you probably need to hear it.

    You are a 24 year old man, you are a grown adult and you are terrified of looking after yourself. This is not healthy.

    Learning how to cook, clean and take care of your life is not complicated. It does take up time but, like I said above, you’re an adult.

    You are probably far more able to take care of yourself than you think. It will cost more if you move but you are a software engineer so I doubt figuring out a budget is beyond your capabilities.

    Having a good relationship with your parents is great but it sounds like your Mum still wants you to be a child. My view is that it’s a parent’s job to prepare their kids to be able to look after themselves when they become adults. Not keep them trapped as children as long as possible.

    Moving out will do you good. You will be fine.
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