Am I the only one who is sick of seeing all these "OpenAi" / "GPT something" pictures and everybody talking about it?

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    Yes, but I don't know why it annoys me. I mean it's straight up insane what it is capable of.
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    You mean where the bot feeds a gnn some keywords people typed at it ?
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    What theory of emotion do you subscribe to ?
    If we wanted to make humanistic machines we'd add needs and emotions
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    Simulate them at least
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    You know i hate this diminished state of functioning resulting from being constantly worn thin and unhappy that the world has been taken over by garbage
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    On every platform I like it's just full of these posts
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    You are not alone to be annoyed by this. I see people talking a lot about it on Mastodon. Almost the same crazy "mainstreamness" as talking about birdsite (twitter). Didn't find it relevant, so added #chatGPT and others to filter. Especially after I got rejected signing up on Open AI for using Russian phone number. 😑
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