Sometimes I have to connect to production database and alter my dev environment so I can “log in” as a user and see what’s wrong with their account. Once in a while there is a legitimate website issue that is unique to that user’s profile. Other times it’s user error, like the user not understanding that they have to connect their membership to their online account (they think signing up for an account will connect it automatically).

I don’t like circumventing the user’s log in like this, but sometimes it’s necessary since the website is so confusing. I inherited this website, so many of the problems were formed way before I took over.

My stakeholders want a log in as user feature for website admins to use. My manager and PM don’t think that’s a good idea right now since there are over two dozen people with admin access and admin access means access to everything in the admin (there aren’t options to give permissions as needed).

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    Time to create a new role, “super admin”! (Or customer service, with explicit protections) As an admin of my company’s app, I don’t get “login as user” privs. It’s just unheard of. Only our customer service reps get that right , and it’s revoked from most devs, and granted to devs temporarily on an as-needed basis
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