What if I could focus on coding 🤔 instead of
• meetings
• bureaucracy
• freezing in my apartment
• asking dumb questions
• procrastinating

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    I wonder where it gets cold enough so you could be freezing but the pay is also so lousy that you couldn't afford heating.

    And there is nothing wrong with some deliberate and active procrastination.
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    have you ever given any consideration into spending more time on meetings, bureaucracy, freezing in your apartment, asking dumb questions and procrastinating?

    Think hinst...THINK!
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    I can afford the heating as long as I never turn it on (I still have to pay a lot if I never turn it on)
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    Good idea. Please create a Jira ticket for that, and reserve a meeting. You'll be put into a task force that will dig deeper into this matter. You need to create a plan and a schedule estimate, and then report twice per week to 3 different people.
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