i come from a very closely knit family and i kinda like it. i am in close proximity to my parents, they are growing old so i do a lot of home chores. meanwhile a lot relatives and dad's business friends live nearby , and the whole area around my home feels like a place of known people. my free time goes with 5-6 friends , who again live nearby, or with gym buddies. this is a nice life, which could further expand with a wife and my kids in future .

at the same time, i have seen the "work" life. my office is in a different state, 90% of people there are people like me who would be renting a home nearby and living alone/with strangers. their main "family"(well pseudo-family) will be their coworkers, and that's also not a bad thing.

in the workplace the reasons to be happy will be a lot (as parties or celebrations will occur on multiple birthdays/ company growths and other achievements) , and so will be the reasons to feel sad ( company failure, teammates leaving, missing family)

at the end of the day , when you are living an office life, you are a corporate rat running for the cheese you are never gonna (or , if you are a glass half full person, let's say that you are a "dedicated work professional giving your 100% to the company")

but here comes the dilemma : with AIs like chat gpt coming around and redefining nthe expectations from a software engineer, you will no longer be expected to be resourceful but rather how much of a corporate rat you can be. ( https://twitter.com/bajicdusko/...)

so 1) is it the only way forward for an upcoming engineer's lifestyle? to be like a soldier for their company , while their family and friends await for their long return? 2) if yes, what is the positi8 aspsct we can take away from this?

PS : what a stupid profession those AI/ML guys work in. they put out their minds together to make a sword which is gonna cut the heads of s/w engineers, their own breed. not lawyers, not doctors, not even the fucking peons, but their own freaking brothers

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    1. Ai won't take our jobs (unfortunately).
    2. Stuck to your family and cozy home at any cost. This is the only luck we can find in this world and it is rare and ireplacable. Nothing else matters.
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    Don't worry, actual development will likely not be replaced by AI in your lifetime. AI-based tools will be of use to devs too.

    And at the end, replacing all jobs is actually a good thing as it will lead humanity into an era of actual freedom - where the individual is free to not do what they don't want to do. When almost all work is done by the machine slaves, there is no need to make humans do the boring work anymore.
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    @Oktokolo alternatively if everything can be done by machines, only a few would be needed to operate those machines , and a lot will be layed off and left without jobs
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    @dotenvironment Sure. It depends on whether the masters of the machine slaves are then willing to live in a constant civil war, perform a genocide or just share the machine utopia with the public, whether joblessness will be a bad thing or not. One way or the other, a few generations later nobody will need a job or everyone will need a job again.
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    @Oktokolo i agree.
    Fuethermore since there will be an abundance of freedom and resources, people will be measured by their kindness and morals rather than their efficiency and meritocracy, so the machine masters will be bound to be very moral and kind people if they should occupy the machine master position (similar to they way supreme court judges are elected, but with a less corrupt process thanks to our slave machines)
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