You know modern cars, they have these computer thingies that tell you when something isn't working with little warning lights.

How useful !

"Take me to repair shop!" it says, and even sets the SatNav route.

Of course, the place might be closed, but still, its trying to help. :-)

Anyhow, by chance just happen to be there getting said car serviced..

Mention the several warning thingies that sprang up on the way in..

After service..

Which took twice as long as a normal service, so I was hopeful they was fixing things !

Though every time I go and ask how things are, magically its just been finished and I haven't been waiting for no good reason because no one remembered I was waiting..

No, they didn't fix any of the faults...

Why I asked without getting angry..

Because the diagnostic computer said there wasn't any..

But there was !

Come back when the fault returns they said..


If the fault disappears before their computer gets plugged in, they will just say there isn't a fault..

Apparently on the car there is no fault logging, its either, a fault right now, or no fault at all..

This might explain why a few months ago all the brakes seized up ( Its less than 2 years old, it shouldn't do that ! ), if some computer part is playing up..

So, I'll get my own car diagnostic computer and wait for it to play up, and maybe get some more error codes/etc. to pass on to the car fixing place !

Today's lesson, logs are important !

Also, just because a computer says there isn't something wrong with something, doesn't mean there isn't, so go and check it physically !

And, the customer is always right !

Previously had an issue with a part that had worn out, asked for it to be replaced.

Went to pick up the car, asked if the part had been replaced.

No it hadn't !

They thought it wasn't worn out !

I asked, did they look at it ?

No they didn't was their reply..

I told them, if you take it off, you can see its worn out.

I watched them take it off, ( After much struggling, to which I remarked that yes, when I took it off to look at it, I had similar trouble ! ) they then saw it was worn out and put a new one on !

They then struggled to put the new one on, which I also mentioned I had the same trouble.

Being as it was my first time taking off one of those parts, you could be forgiven to think I was just a beginner.

But you might think a professional would be able to do a better job..

You just can't get the staff these days !

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    Remember the car manufacturer and the repair shop as never to give money again. Don't let bad design proctices and lying slip.

    It is really unlikely, that the main control unit doesn't remeber that there was some problem. Normally, service lights don't turn off by themselves even if you do fix the original problem. You have to explicitly reset them (which they probably did).

    Chances are, you have been lied to.
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    The lights are called "dashboard achievements". Kind of like achievements in video games...
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    It's another of those retarded "you don't own your car, we just sell you a license to use it" schemas that we seem to be getting into for everything.

    Nowadays car central computers are basically locked down by the manufacturer to force you to only use their own service points, and God knows what other bullshit.

    I dread the day I have to replace my trusty old car for one of these modern pieces of crap.
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    From my personal xp, sometimes it's better to get yoyr car serviced in some garage, by a chap who knows how to fix cars [and has the proper mindset], rather than people in a certified service who know how to plug in an obd2 cable and press a SCAN button.
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    Yeah for mechanics, stuff like “setting a route for your nearest service spot” is really annoying

    Growing up fixing my own cars and their problems, I quickly learned that most mechanics, especially dealership service shops, will rip you off pretty badly.

    I would always recommend fixing your own car. It’s fun. One word of advice: places like autozone and o’reily will test your car for codes for free, so no need to buy a code reader if your cheap like me.
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    You have to be really cheap not to buy an ODB2 reader though - you can get one that will hook up to your phone (and provide you with info that can save you a fortune) for less than 10USD. Even one costing more will pay for itself, many times over, the first time it points you to a suspect component that you replace yourself.
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    I phoned the manufacturer today and got a case number, how very grown up. :-)

    If the garage won't play ball, I'll mention I have a case number and I'm not afraid to use it. :-)

    It's still under warranty.

    Interesting side snippet, at least with one mayor manufacturer, is you buy a new car, and it goes wrong, and they take it away to be fixed, they don't deliver it back to you !

    What kind of service is that !

    I'll just buy that TV, oh look its developed a fault under warranty, they will come and pick it up, but you will have to travel 100 miles to the service centre to pick it up !

    I wonder if all car dealerships are like that ?

    "My Lear Jet has developed a fault, will you return it once you fix it ?"

    "No sir, you must fly 8,000 miles to pick it up from your local service centre !"
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    Additional information, apparently you need to video your car service codes popping up for them to believe its happening.

    Now I just have to figure out how to turn off the auto-focus on my phone so you can read the service codes on the video !

    And why doesn't auto-focus, you know, auto focus..
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    @Nanos Get a car cam. I am thinking of getting one anyway. People drive stupid(er) now.
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    @Demolishun I have pondered that, but the design of the vehicle makes it practically impossible to fit it anywhere !
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    @Nanos well, the pick-up-by-service-take-back-yourself policy _sort of_ makes sense. If you car broke down somewhere in tge woods, they'd pick it up themselves. Though I doubt you'd like them to delever it back to the woods when they are done with it :)

    as for filming the errors - also understandable. Although errors should not disappear from the registry, I still have a habbit of either taking a pic of the dash when they happen, or make a recording if there's any movement on the dash
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    @netikras I mean deliver it back home where you live. :-)

    Though you might still be in the woods and want it delivered there..
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    They still haven't picked up the car yet for repair, next month I'm told !


    I wonder how long it will take them to repair it, next year maybe ?

    Actually, my neighbours car, took 2 years to get repaired !
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    Oh interestingly, my own diagnostic computer, when plugged into the car, reported no issues at all, even when various fault lights was lit up on the dash at the same time !

    Does that mean the cars ECU could be on the fritz, or just its sensors, or both.. ?

    Reminds me when I had a supercomputer that didn't work well, and the built in diagnostic computer didn't work.

    Luckily a swap of the CPU in that, enabled me to find out I couldn't afford the cost of the parts to fix the rest of it !
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