A long time ago in a decision poorly made:

Past me: hmm we're having trouble getting IT to give us a new build machine with the new compilers.
Past me: I know we'll just use one of the PCs that belongs to a member of the team to tide us over.

[2 months pass]

Present me: that's odd, Jenkins is really slow today.
[Several minutes pass]
Present me: holly shit fuck; it's building the whole weekends worth of builds at 9am on a workday and eating licenses like a cast away that suddenly teleported to an all you can eat buffet.
Present me: [abort, abort, for the love of fuck abort]
Present me: contacts IT, they can't find any problems, wtf happened.

Present me: discovers team member turned off his machine on Friday and builds had been stacking up all weekend.

Lessons learnt: disable power button on team members pc and hire a tazer guy to shoot whenever someone goes near the wall socket.

1 hour lost and no build results for the last 3 days.

It's looking like a bad morning

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