Boss: hey mech eng, we need a setup modification

Mech: no prob, boss, we can have it prototyped in 3 weeks, industrialized in 2 months

Boss: oh, right then, go on


Boss: hey, Soft Eng, we need a functional modification

Soft Eng: no prob boss, we can develop it in 4 hours, tested and documented in 2 hours and integrated and shipped to the client by tomorrow morning

Boss: what??? One day?? You just need to edit a couple of lines of code! I want it ready in ten minutes top!

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    Practice describing potential modes of failure in manager-speak.
    Nothing frightens them more than hearing "exposed" or "liability" in conjunction with their favorite buzzwords. 🍺
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    I do (and thanks for the hint).
    Nonetheless, I hate arguing for that. It has already been made evident by previous "coherced releases" that a thorough debug is mandatory, alongside the consideration of a lot of interconnected behaviors for the software considered. Why do you still have to question? You asked for a time estimate. If it doesn't fit, change the specification.
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    Sometimes I feel is best to actually show your boss what the outcome of 10 minutes actually is so they understand. It's really fucking irritating though tbh
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    @ItsMrSammeh yup, but ain't noboss got time for that?
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    @-eth he should do. The thing with being a programmer that annoys me the most is people with unrealistic expectations. You have to bring him back to planet earth, boss or not. It will make your life a little easier. But.... That might not even be possible with your company, so my thoughts are with you friend!
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    Wow, and here I was thinking that timeline sounded awfully fast and ambitious. I wouldn't commit to next day live for any but the smallest or most urgent (and also small) changes.
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    @cjhowald you just get insanely confident when your life is within the codebase :(
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