I'm real tired of my coworkers always trying to one up me and being elitist about their code. Like I get it, you think PHP is shit, C is so much better than Java. Wow, you must be so knowledgeable! /s

Just because you're bashing on bad languages and talking shit doesn't mean you write good code, and in fact your code isn't top quality, I've read it. All you're going to accomplish with an elitist mindset is close yourself off to improving, and that's probably the worst thing you can do as a developer.

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    I'm happy to say, where I work, we avoid those devs like the plague in the hiring process.
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    There are a ton of these guys here on devRant, be careful before someone gets (but)hurt by your insightful rant. Elitist know-it-alls don't like insight.
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    I hate bad languages, such as PHP too, and I like strongly typed languages more. But it's about the choice and I am open for improvement. My current job requires me to work on JS and Python and despite hating both of them for years, I finally started liking them.
    On the other hand, my colleagues who have worked on just Python hate Java. So it's there in every one. You just don't have to be a dick about it and bash others.
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    I can safely say I have never felt like that. No matter how good my code is, I'm never happy with it.
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    A developer who doesn't develop. Bad!
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    Simple: if you personally suck as a dev, you can still be proud for using a certain tech.

    If you suck as a human and never personally achieve anything remarkable , you can still be proud for your country.

    People wanna feel good and valuable, and it really hard for suckers.
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