This is a lie

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    Now they need to train one off filtered results that can continually be updated so it produces truthful statements all the time
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    @AvatarOfKaine seems like a model could verify what it’s saying is true, that’s kind of what Twitter was doing before it went in the toilet.

    I checked multiple times on this one because every other conversation I had has been spot on. It’s also a pretty lengthy response for something totally fabricated
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    @tedge well i mean more if they trained the model on shit data it will produce shit results.

    likely to simplify they just dragged in a crap ton of information from the web as source documents based on search results and click throughs.

    since noone really rates these..... ya know.
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    @AvatarOfKaine it’s a bit out of my depth, but from my understanding if you train a model to produce shit it will. It had to be told what is good code and what isn’t. Overall I’m impressed with the code quality it produces.
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    @tedge well some of it doesn't work on its own
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