That feeling when you get to work and realize you forgot your charger back at home. Wonderful.

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    Wonderful? Worst is forgetting headphones!
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    @sunnyDeveloper That is also true. I would blow my brains out if I have to hear another IT call next-cubicle.
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    Or your laptop
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    @dfox Had this not only one time :-/ Usually it took me all in all +45min riding my bike to home and getting back.
    It's even worse when it freezing cold outside :-|
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    I've forgotten all 3 at different points of time. I can confirm that forgetting your laptop is the worst.

    Specially when you open your bag and see you remembered your headphones and charger.
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    Forgetting food and/or money to buy food and/or not having a restaurant near you and/or having no time to eat at all. That's worse.
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