What you could have:
- simple project structure
- common lib with modular logic
- import logic as needed in you services

What you do:
- waste months to write an opinionated framework that works only if used in a super specific way
- have a fat sample project as example
- use a code generator to copy and rename the said sample project whenever you create a new service
- have everything break whenever something new is added in the framework
- oh and keep the framework in active development while others work on the client services, so lots of things will break often and out of nowhere

Fucking god, i hate when people make pet projects out of work projects

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    Now scale this up to a full dynamics AX project with ton of custom code and the only maintainer doesn't care anymore of the pet project he created... Welcome to my daily nightmare xD
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    I worked with ax 2008 once.
    That project caused me to leave the company.
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