Why would a modern laptop come with a VGA port when it also has an HDMI port? I've managed to get by without VGA for years, with better image quality too. What is the reason for this? Is VGA still so prevalent that you need a backup port just in case the projector you want to use is old school? Don't they make adapters for that?

I know this is inane, but it's literally putting me off a purchase

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    We don't have VGA ports on our school laptops and it's annoying af. Running around with adaptors like a mac user...

    *No offense to mac user
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    Just because you have a fancy laptop does not mean it getting hooked up to a fancy screen
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    We shouldn't assume everyone has access to a monitor with dvi or HDMI. The backwards compatibility is provided for those who only have access to an old school monitor.
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    to be prepared for nuclear war
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    Because it's basically guaranteed that a monitor/projector you want to connect to has a VGA port as well, doesn't matter old or new. Better safe than sorry in my opinion. Also adapters are just extra things to worry about before bringing your laptop anywhere
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    It's like people using WhatsApp or Telegram...
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    For dual monitors?
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    I run 2 monitors
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    I can't imagine a laptop with a VGA besides not-slim gaming laptops so I don't see your point 🤔
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    a) triple monitor setup babyyy
    and b) projectors?
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    Backwards compatibility with older monitors and older​ projectors. They make adapters, but that would just be another cable to carry around and get tangled.

    Plus, if it works, doesn't take up too much space, and doesn't add too much to the price tag, why remove it?
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    @cwiem00 welcome to devRant!
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