At my last startup, the company decided to formally adopt core values after being in business for ten years already. They even emblazoned them on a mouse pad and sent it out to every employee as company swag. I quickly learned that those values were more for show. It was a sign of the culture going downhill. Values included teamwork and collaboration. But since I was only an IC and wasn’t a manager or director or VP, I was expected to be a mindless worker bee. Even when I just asked logical followup questions, I was treated like I was being insubordinate and “questioning their requests.”

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    That sound like almost all of my prevous bosses. You offering your expertize and they give you back their arrogance, ignorance but hey, they are on the loosing side. Sometimes coming back later with your ideas and fixes presenting it as his. I've seen all that shit and more. And the worst was American ( no offense for all the good american devs, I love you! I've learn a lot from you )
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