You know those mice that go "clunk clunk clunk clunk" when you scroll?

Can you really trust someone who makes a decision to use something like that?

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    Let me introduce you to my Cherry Mx Blue mechanical keyboard.
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    I like the tactile feedback. Smooth wheels on mice also reduce scrolling accuracy, which can be very irritating in e.g. gaming.

    I totally agree about the noise, however. Mice must be quiet!
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    @Root You should try the MX Master mice.

    That MagSpeed scroll is the best feature.

    You can scroll faster and with skill very accurate too. (Of course you can toggle it off to go back to the click click noise)

    So what I do is unlock the infinite scroll, scroll to where I need and hit one button to stop the scroll immediately.
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    @Grumm It would be awesome if logitech products wouldn’t break after max one year of use.
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    @Lensflare Mine has been working since september 2018.

    But yes, that sucks when something break after one year.
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    @Grumm I had logitech speakers, two game pads, a keyboard and many mice. All of them stopped working after less than a year. I’ve stopped buying logitech stuff since then and now my stuff lasts for much, much longer.
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    I currently use a Logitech G305 at the office and it would be pretty much perfect if it was just quieter. Even the button clicks are loud.
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    @Lensflare What stuff do you use now ?

    I have a roccat keyboard at home and it is the second one now that doesn't register or register twice a key after 2 years.

    First one had an other problem (keycaps) and was replaced during the pandemic for the new one. I swapped all the keys to the first keyboard I had. Until I got the problem. Switched back the the second keyboard, and now the problem is coming again :'(
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    @Grumm I haven’t settled on a particular brand yet. Except for those two:
    Microsoft for keyboards.
    Roccat Kova for mouse (best one for me, yet).

    Edit: Microsoft Xbox Gamepad for Windows. Mainly because of compatibility with most games.
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    Have to look into the keyboards more.

    Mouse I use at home is the roccat kone (best one so far but on par with the logitech mx master 2s)

    Gamepad is a xbox 360 controler. But soon I will use a ps5 controller. (I prefer the layout as I only have PS stuff)
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    I want a new keyboard. I’m using a Keycron K3 and it’s… okay. It’s a pretty good keyboard, but it has some really annoying things about it. The switches click before registering, which drives me crazy. It also wobbles because it’s made out of flimsy plastic and it’s slightly bent.

    Any suggestions?
    I don’t want to spend like $200 though…
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    @Lensflare funny that logitech is one of the brands i know to last the longest and have good quality. my mouse has some rough travels in my backpack and it's still going strong after many years, and it's one of the cheap ones
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    @darksideofyay So I guess you got lucky or I got unlucky.
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    @darksideofyay I'm with you on this one, my M570 trackball has been going strong for about a decade now.

    As for keyboards... My vote would be to build your own :) Or at least something with split halves, ortholinear and staggered.
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