Fought with the Windows Disk Manager for way too long this morning trying to shrink a partition with plenty of space so that I could setup a native dual boot...

Screw that tool, I resized the partition to nothing by formatting it.

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    Try using minitool partition wizard
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    Ehhhh.... Did you defrag before?
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    I've always had good luck with EaseUS Partition Master.
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    @apex It's an SSD, I did trim it though.
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    I took these steps:
    - Installed all updates and then ran Disk Clean to clear out temp files, logs and update caches
    - Disabled system restore and deleted all restore points
    - Disabled page file on all drives
    - Disabled hibernate
    - Deleted all unused applications and cleared browser caches.

    It is a 180GB SSD, 155GB dedicated to Windows 10.
    I cleared enough space to have 92GB free without affecting my development environment or installed applications.
    I tried to carve out 48GB of the 92GB free and Disk Manager even reported I could carve out 75GB.

    Nothing worked... It kept saying there wasn't enough space even when I dropped to a smaller 25GB shrink.
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    Well that's odd, but as they've said here before, try Minitool, it works like a charm
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