Do these stupid tech writers even research what they talk about, if it's not the same 5 points as every other article on the topic then it's an article written this week on '5 Open Source HTML and CSS Editors and they mention Brackets.

Fair enough... but they link to the adobe Gitub, saying it ""isn’t super actively maintained"" which I guess is accurate since it has been dead for 2 years. Rather than the more recently updated 'brackets-cont' project that had a release back in October 2022.

Like fuck it's like these tech writers just pump out content years after it's relevant without any research or editing.

Pointless complaining I know but it bothers me how mindless mainstream tech writing is, it's all the same regurgitated ideas, or outdated information. Not saying I could fix it, but I'm sure someone out there can do something.

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    Lots of times you see the recycled article with just the year changed in the title. Metadata and mistakes like "it's X years old" where X stays the same.
    One time saw "ES6 or ECMAScript 2015" than in 2018 it became "ES6 or ECMAScript 2018" just years of renumbered crap.
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