"Oh you use vim? I use vim too! Check it out!"

*navigates using the arrow keys*

He then accidentally swallows his keyboard.

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    My non dev friend sat beside me watching me work on a Rails app inside Vim. An hour after I ask: "Did you see how fast I can do some stuff in it?". The answer blows my mind...

    "Was that you typing? I didn't understand where were you were typing...".
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    @danielsousaio what did he think you were doing?
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    I hate it when people use vim but immediately enter insert mode after opening it so they can move around with the arrow keys, delete with backspace etc.

    Go use nano, ffs
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    @ocab19 Seriously? That kinda miss the point of using vim 😂
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    Yeah, you're much cooler and better than that loser using the "wrong" keys on the keyboard! *irony*
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    Vim is great because it allows those who are just dabbling at efficiency and those who grok to coexist.

    Learning a new vim thing is always awesome
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    @jphager2 snake charming maybe haha
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    @simeg Well, as @CSaratakij said, using the "wrong" keys kinda misses the point of using vim. You're better off using sublime or even gedit.
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    @ocab19 I don't agree with that. I think everyone should be able to use whatever they like, and there should not be anything elitist about using an application the "right" way.
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    @ocab19 @CSaratakij the first time I installed Linux (antergos) and had to change something in a text file
    So I opened it in via and had no clue what I was doing, didn't even know how to delete a line or the famous "how to exit vim"
    After a short lookup I at least knew how to insert text and close vim

    Next time I use it I'm sure to look up how it actually works
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    @aile11 To know the basic vim, vimtutor
    To make sense of vim and talk to vim while u editing,
    (have fun ;)
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    @CSaratakij thanks, but maybe I should try getting used to type with 10 fingers before getting advanced with vim, right? ;)
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    @aile11 Yep, good luck ;)
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    @CSaratakij thanks, bit hard with a "normal" layout though, I did a rant on why the fuck it's not symmetrical :P
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