What is the point of demanding an app if the app consists mainly of web pages?!?
And thanks for making it almost impossible for me to handle what the back button does when the user is balls deep inside of a website inside of the app.

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    If it's not on the app store, most people won't know the site exists. Most people don't realize you can even use the internet outside of apps.
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    @cuddlyogre it's a companion app for the website :S offering very little extra
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    There is no point. Just marketing people thinking they need an app just because.

    What should be in the app?
    Well… erm… dunno…
    We have our website right? How about putting it all into the app? Yeah awesome!
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    Make it a webview app
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    @melezorus34 I have, but I'm using navigation 2.0 (via gorouter) so i've had to create a custom back button dispatcher that has to first figure out if the user is on a route that has a webview and if so, whether they have a webpage to "go back" to. If so, it goes back to the previous web page. If not it goes back to the previous app route/page.


    Also, I'm not a fan of web pages inside apps.
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    @ojt-rant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't get it but that's how it works now.
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    @Lensflare there will come a day when Apple just says a blanket "no" to webviews in apps. While I usually disagree with Apple, I would support this decision.
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