Why have chosen to be a developer ? Have you chosen ? πŸ˜‰

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    There has been a choice, and now i'm realising why I am ....cause I'd like to build things people would use being a god make me proud
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    I was chosen. They all came​ in dark black suit. They gave me something to drink.
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    @No-one pun intented?
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    Well I was genuinely interested in making something that would push humanity forward in non trivial ways, I try to concentrate on fields that give that power to me like... All sorts of physics, Math, I just kept trying till I found something that I could hold in my hand with ease while I can struggle to understand the others. Well, that tool for me was programming.... Though I've got some way to go before I learn stuff like neural networks and graphics APIs before I can start simulating quantum mechanics or rocket science. Honestly though, I wouldn't have tried programming as early as I did if not for bad monetary conditions in my family, in a way that stress was helpful.
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    @No-one "do it" may be "do programming", as per question, or "do information technology" as a general term
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