I just want to be able to extensively test stuff on my machine before shipping it instead of being able to test it only partially because shit depends of tons of stuff unavailable locally, get dozens of messages from teammates when unforseeable circumstances (bad data items on the shared noSQL DB created by other services which makes mine fail, cloud issues...) makes my service return 500 and then struggle in tracing the problem because there they're just too many layers of shit to manually inspect.

I can't wait to move towards iOS or desktop development.

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    To me that didn't sound like microservice architecture at all.

    A true microservice does only one thing and does it well, and uses brokers to isolate itself from its consumers or producers.

    And when that is the case, testing with a local amqp, sqs, Redis, etc, is really simple.
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    @CoreFusionX I know, this is a bastardization of the MS architecture, lot of communication between MS relies on shared NoSQL databases and in some instance we share the code between microservice exporting a whole microservice as a jar and importing it as a library on another one.

    I know, it fucking sucks, but it's hard to be proactive and push for a change in large enterprises.
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    @DEVil666 So not micro service but Messy Service :)
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    I feel you.

    And congrats to 666 :)
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    @Lensflare uh, I haven’t noticed it! 😮
    Thank you 😁
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    @illuminaughty yeah 🤣
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    You could fully parse the data before you use it.
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