My summer internship adventures

Cunt Boss: you will receive salary and a bonus at the end of the project
Me: *works for 3 months*
Cunt Boss: *sends 60 fucking euros to my bank account*
Me: is that just the bonus?
Cunt Boss: oh I'm sorry, we have some financial troubles here and that's all I can give you

Thanks! Now I can buy you a dildo so you can go fuck yourself

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    Is it just me or do they ALWAYS have financial issues...?

    Always get a signature before doing the work. Too many assholes out there
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    @RickDiculous179 and unless its a reputable company, never accept payment at completion.

    Make sure to get monthly payments unless your desperate.
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    A golden is rule is always to discuss amounts before hand. Even if you only get paid at the end.

    How else will you are not wasting your time?
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    Never work without contact if you need the money
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    Who works for 3 months without pay? And who doesn't have a contract?
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    Lol 60 fucking euros! I'm pretty sure blow jobs cost more haha!

    What. A. Fucking. Cunt.

    Isn't that illegal?
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    @GigaMick Interns, because you're supposed to "learn" new things
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    I urge you to actually buy the 60 euros dildo and mail it to him. Start a go-fund me campaign to get back the 60 euros to spend on yourself. I'm sure you'll get way more than that for this. Haha
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    I know I'm focusing on the wrong thing, but are dildos that expensive?
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    I worked for 2 weeks as an intern and got 80€
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    Back in college I once interned at a place where the CTO would constantly remind me that they are actually paying me to "learn". I was naive then so did overtime a lot without question. You have to learn to stay ahead of these assholes, and that will take some time. But always be cautious of what you are getting into.
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