- Cookie warnings
- Autoplay videos
- "It's better on the app!"
- Surprise paywall
- Newsletter popups
- "Sorry, this content is not available in your region!"
- Lazily paraphrasing another website without disclosing the source in an obvious way
- Anti-adblock popups
- "Become a pro-member today: starting at $4.99/month!"
- "Sign up here to get my free e-book! :)"
- "keep reading" button to load the rest of the damn article
- "We have a podcast!"
- ...

I hate the current state of the web.

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    That's the state of the society. Imagine how good everything could be if people wouldn't be forced to monetize everything just to be able to live.

    We are on the same socio-evolutional level as the old romans. Our technology eveolved - but we didn't.
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    Damn man good rant ++rep
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    That’s why it’s better on the app. They didn’t lie
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    But wait there’s more!
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    -___ wants to show notifications.
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    @Oktokolo imagine how good the internet could be if only nerds were allowed to use it.
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    the thing that bothers me is the trend that you can only leave positive feedback.

    like where is the downvote functionality or "don't spam me with this shit"-things?

    If I dislike something I can only ignore and move on. But I want to express my negative feelings about shit :/
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    @tosensei I actually like being able to order everything online. And i did experience the Internet before non-nerds used it - there where no online shops, no Wikipedia and no Youtube (which honestly is still orders of magnitude better than TV and other paid or unpaid streaming services despite the shitty algorithm).

    Most content hasn't been created by us IT nerds. And having commerce online is actually a good thing. The problem really isn't that the muggles use it too or that there is monetization - it is the trend of monetization getting in the way of usefulness that sucks.
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    "You're not signed. Sign in to get the best experience."

    Fixed popup that covers ~1/5 of the screen with "sign in" and "register" buttons.
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    @illuminaughty of course it is better on the damn app! Along with notifications and "sign in with google/apple/..." for that delicious data and opt-out "recommendations for an even better experience" (ads)
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    @tosensei we would have never gotten past table layouts.
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    @Oktokolo isn't that the primary goal of "web3"? And isn't it being presented as the solution to every problem (who knew that you can solve poverty by putting a pricetag on it?).
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    @OzzyTheGiant Actually, we didn't. We got CSS for emulating tables (table-* display values and grid) and special-case tables (flex). Layouts still are mostly nested tables.
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