"keep interviewing every 6 months" ~ this is a shitty incomplete advice.

if you are interviewing , you must realise that its not a play thing. some companies are spending millions to get the perfect candidate and other companies are spending millions to retain their perfect candidates.

If you are just interviewing for the sake of getting an ego satisfaction that you can 'crack interviews and reject offers' then have a believe in karma my friend. what goes around comes around.

if you are really made up a mind to leave your workplace, then its only logical to go for interviews and crack them.
Apply to the companies you see yourself working in, or apply in companies you don't see yourself working in but will give you good money or whatever, its upto your ethics and professional plans.

But if you get an other offer, you shut up, resign and leave for the next job.

maybe the original company wants you to retain, or some other offer comes up. but the least thing you can do is to graciously accept first offer and then judge the other offers in hand (whether staying back is worth than first offer, or whether 2nd offer is better than first)

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    It's a good advice. It keeps you in shape for the moment you actually leave. It keeps you in touch with your market value and gives you arguments when demanding your next rise. It brings you out of the box and gives new connections and ideas. It grounds your view on your current workplace. You bad because of the expense it makes them? Going to the Interview is giving them a chance to convince you to work for them actually, it's okay to have some expensea for that. If they do it right, they can use the Interview also to gain ideas, connections and more from you even if you don't apply.
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    Why would anyone ever put themselves through the torture that is interviews more than necessary?
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    I have rejected offers because during the interview I found out things that was not presented before and that made it a deal breaker, but when I did I explained the reason and that had I known before hand I would not have accepted the interview.

    But I have always treated the interview seriously with the goal of finding a new job.
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    I'll start taking interviews seriously when 2/3 failed applications bother to send me a rejection. Until then dedication on my part is not expected.
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    How to tell someone that you're a recruiter without actually telling them that you're a recruiter.
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    If you get rejects because you offer is no good. You can't be mad at people for rejecting.
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    @e1p5yKon9r0O dude am a guy who had a golden duck in hand in the name of an offer, i didn't took it seriously and rejected it, even though the company i am currently working with is a ticking time bomb. i thought that yeah i can make them run for me, or i can get a better offer.

    i am now sitting in a sinking ship woth no offers in hand, regretting not taking that role. i was expecting that some "modern" rogue dev will be coming at me for talking like an HR or an old school guy, so thanks for stating the obvious.

    i hope that in today's world where new capitalist ideas and hacks get so much air of propaganda, a thought towards treating interviews with respect should also be shared , so it might help someone to not make the mistakes that i made. (ps : read my previous rants if you wanna know more/ validate my comment)
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    Companies and executives can actually suck my cock. They are the SCUM OF THE FUCKING EARTH. If you are this, prepare to meet your end soon.
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    There are just those kinds of recruiters that waste their own and my time by being all ACMECorp-like secretive. Of course I'll be mad.
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    You can fuck off to LinkedIn with posts like this.
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