I know this is not the place for these questions, but:
1. If we have frameworks like React Native, why going native?
2. Why doesn't Google or Apple support these kinds of frameworks rather investing in developing their own languages (in-case of Swift)

I searched for many articles but need a pro opinion from you guys

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    I'm asking because I was readying that Skype team at Microsoft created ReactXP for several reasons one of them is to avoid writing same feature twice...etc.
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    I just know one thing, native is native!
    No matter how good is the js frameworks like react-native, it will still have worse experience than native. Even in native app development you have to optimize your code, which is a very hard process, so how does js frameworks optimize the produced native code which is actually converted from js?
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    @mohammed I totally agree with you but seeing an app like Instagram written in react makes me confused. Also Facebook app is react if I'm not mistaken
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    @gitpush The only advantage the hybird app development has is the portability, or as they market it code once deploy in all platforms. So if you are planning to develop cross platform apps, then using a js framework is easier than learning how to code on other platforms.
    At the end, this is my opinion.
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