The worst part of being a developer is naming things

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    that's so true :D
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    I have the opposite problem! As a multilingual/musician/creative type I can name things all the live long day. The problem is that my names annoy the other developers 😂
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    @bluehiro give us some examples?
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    How to name a list of people in a programming language :


    Whatever you choose, you'll think to change it after 1hr
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    @SnowyLoli I pick names with meanings for what I'm doing. Like a cleanup process will be called concierge, a monitoring process will be called watchdog or pitbull. Some of the process automation scripts are called Automaton or Voltron. Parent child relationships are often called foo/bar and bees/knees, etc. I try to stick to English, but sometimes I slip and using French or Spanish words. I went through a Star Wars phase, lol. Strangely enough most of the complaints have come from my use of uncommon English words.
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    @bluehiro if I find a concierge task I would tip it with real money after the task has been done
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    @SnowyLoli +1 for "killMePlease"
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    Don't mind naming things, can't stand attempting to understand other people's names!!
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    @dave-g ain't that the truth
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    I used to use var1, var2, var3, etc. Needless to say when I asked for help, I got yelled at...
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