My curse.

Have a job. Job doesn't pay much. Another mediocre project opportunity appears. I take it. Later, a great project opportunity appears. I take that as well.

Rant "Crap, I don't have free time" around.
No thit Sherlock.

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    Why are you ranting about me?
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    For those who don't know, this algorithm uses an octree (for the 2d case) to break up a scene and generalizes *distant* clusters of as a center of mass, centered on their parent node.

    Once you read up on it, it seems fairly straightforward. Very fucking cool though.

    Attached an image of a visual representation from wikipedia.

    What was the result and takeaway from the script dmonkey?
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    @wisecrack wrong rant.

    Btw implementing it is straightforward, but a parallel version using CUDA is hell (I found a nice solution online but I don't like cheating and the professor would have definitively caught me)
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    @dmonkey god damn it.

    I get so busy replying to people, I get mixed up some time.

    Enjoy the happenstance.
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