Hey, we need a service to resize some images. Oh, it’ll also need a globally diverse cache, with cache purging capabilities, only cache certain images in the United States, support auto scaling, handle half a petabyte of data , but we don’t know when it’ll be needed, so just plan on all of it being needed at once. It has to support a robust security profile using only basic HTTP auth, be written in Java, hosted on-prem, and be fully protected from ddos attacks. It must be backwards compatible with the previous API we use, but that’s poorly documented, you’ll figure it out. Also, it must support being rolled out 20% of the way so we can test it, and forget about it, and leave two copies of our app in production.

You can re-use the code we already have for image thumbnails even though it’s written in Python, caches nothing and is hosted in the cloud. It should be easy. This guy can show you how it all works.

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