Germany and digitalization....

The Bundesnetzagentur just started looking for a provider for telefax for the next 5 years, 3000 - 4000 fax per month.

Yay digitalization. Let's go hyper.

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    if someone would've asked me for future predictions when I was young I would've said that the word "digitalization" would not exist as something people worked on at scale in 2023.

    I would assume every government or corporation would practically be digitalized by 2015.
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    @jiraTicket if you ever wanna have a reason to go to a doctor and say "I need a timeout"... Look at the mismanagement and tax money wasted on communal / federal level regarding digitalization... Even worse, government. If that doesn't make you depressed, look at projects like blockchain for academy grades (failed, but they still wanna do it)… BeA (digital mailbox for judges / lawyers (encryption is broken, only ASCII supported, ...) etc.

    It's just gruesome.
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    @jiraTicket not so fast… we first need to learn this new thing called internet.
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    The internet ze neuland
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