Alright lads and lasses, I need a charting library!

I've narrowed it down to the following popular libraries:

- victory
- recharts
- nivo
- react-vis

I think I'm leaning towards victory and recharts since they are d3 based... because <3 SVG

Even more so victory since they have a near identical React Native package...

Would love to hear any battle stories from the front lines and experience using any of these libraries, or even a completely different one I may have missed!

inb4 "mAkE iT fRoM sCrAtCh"
inb4 "hAhA rEaCt SuCkS"

Such comments will be downvoted with impunity!

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    Im currently using plotly.js (plotly-react) and it’s great
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    I used GWT some years back. (Now it is Sencha who has developped this further)

    Was pretty nice looking and no framework related :D
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    Could 'HighCharts' be of any value? I've used it a little, and they have quite a lot of options... Not fully sure about licencing and all that, though...
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    Currently using Victory, working fine for our needs, love the way you can combine plain svg and victory components [add gradients, tooltip popups]
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