did something humiliating but somehow it worked context : https://devrant.com/rants/6184256/...

i contacted the hr again , told her how much i regret not taking the offer( i actually do), assured her that I won't be taking any other offer and looking for a way out, and she gave the offer again.

feeling a win and a loss at the same time. i am happy to finally correct my mistake but taking an offer rejecting it and then again taking it , i guess a lot of people might not take me seriously or try to exploit :/

well whatever the future be , let the fuckery come . i am sure that there are atleast 4 major people who were involved in my interviews and got to know about my rejection (atleast)

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    I dunno anymore what's a good deal these critters try to make everything a fucking trap

    What city were they moving you too ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine Mumbai, the financial capital of India. lived there for 5 days under company expenses in luxary hotels, loved it. lived there for 2 days on personal expenses, i might have forgotten that i have parents at home for which i have to pay bills, my stomach who needs adequate amount of food to not get famished , and a brain which needs some personal space to grow.

    everything is so damn expensive there
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    @dotenvironment good man for considering them if they're worth considering

    Mine both made it so I would survive but could be controlled via cruelty

    I need gone from this environment of people I can't speak to and can't befriend
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    @dotenvironment and not sure where that is been damn near everywhere and seen this bullshit which immediately invalidates the classification of many other people as human including during my two visits to India
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