many many times in the past I had this impostor syndrome in various situations but I never lost faith in my dev skills!

you have to be humble to realise that this situations are fine and that you will learn something from it (not necessarily tech things, but also how life works). Also you have to realise that development as everything else in life is just never ending learning endeavour! When you accept all of that, impostor syndrome goes away forever.

It's been around 3 years since I felt like impostor for the last time because I accepted who I am as a person.

It crawled up on me last week in a different way - I was thinking of myself - what if I am just really good at googling things and understanding how those things work but I am also very capable problem solver so I can understand the principle and apply it to my code.

Then I realised - ok, that's what programmers do! So that's the story of how the impostor syndrome actually become confirmation syndrome!

Folks, believe in yourself, be forgiving to yourself as we all were there, give yourself some time as people don't become good developers overnight - and this is OK.

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    Before any other comments - I do not do therapy sessions!
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    People should not judge a dev when he googles stuff.

    Have you ever seen an electrician not following a plan ? Or masonry not following a design made by architects ?

    Devs are all of those in one. We make the plan and create a program so that the computer can follow that plan.

    And why spend hours making a new thing if you can just lookup the problem, take the stack-overflow solution and continue working ? That is efficient working :)
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    I did University College for three years in programming. My teacher once said it takes about 10 years in the industry to become an OK programmer.

    That has been a source of comfort and inspiration for me. I've seen people that have worked longer that do things in ways I would not. I now have 6,5 years of experience in a company, so I still feel free to experiment and I try to learn from people that know more than me. I still quite enjoy programming 😊

    Not so much all the meetings and social stuff, but it's part of the package, to some degree at least...
    As stated on my friends t-shirt:
    "I'm a social vegan - I don't like meet"
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