A more interesting related fact is that this Tuesday I got fired and it was the first occasion that an event that impacted my career didn't have tenfold the impact on my faith in my own abilities. In fact, I didn't even really feel responsible at all. They were clearly looking for a senior with low self-esteem.

Now I just have to figure out how I'll feed myself for four more months before I graduate and get a full-time job anywhere around London.

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    God speed.

    Hope getting fired hasn't done any emotional damage.
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    @IntrusionCM that's the thing, it didn't impact me at all. All it did was ruin my budget for the rest of the school year, and make me appreciate my luck when I didn't buy a guitar last weekend even though it would've been a reasonable investment at the time.
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    @lorentz fuck man, I just gave away a guitar. Wish I'd known. Woulda shipped it to you. Love music, and I appreciate anyone else that does too.

    Sorry the job decided to lose you.

    Guess they couldn't find their ass with two hands.

    That tends to happen to companies that fire competent people.

    Fuck em. You do you.
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    @Wisecrack That's a very kind idea but don't worry about me, I'll find a job in no time after I graduate and the guitar remains near the top of the list of luxuries I'll buy once I'm safe. (2nd place now because I got a T460 from my employer and it completely shifted my concept of a good laptop)
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