Neighbor: Hey! You know how to make websites right?
I: ya! Look at some of my work.
Neighbor: Nice! Will you make one for this concert i am hosting?
I: ya sure! It'll cost 2500 INR.
Neighbor: ok. Will inform you.
------he never informs------
------2 week later--------
Neighbor: look at these posters I got made for the concert... Since you have an eye for good design, tell me how you like them?
I: they are pretty good. Wont you require the site?
Neighbor: No. It'll work without the site.

---------1 year later-------
Neighbor: hey. Will you make a site for me? Where i can showcase the photographs i take and people can comment and like them?
I: Ya sure. Will cost you 4000 INR.
Neighbor: ok. Will inform you.
--------He never informs---------
--------2 weeks later----------
Neighbor: hey i found out this site called wix where they make a site for free.
I: cool.
Neighbor: will you teach me how to use it?
I: 🤔😑😫😤

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    You need a website. Why not do it yourself?
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    Neighbor: will you teach me how to use it?
    I:will cost you fucking 10000INR
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    @stupidcats i swear that ad is so annoying 🙄
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    @jAsE why hate cleaners?
    Would you want to clean instead?
    And carpenters are cool. They make stuff.
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    I kind of like wordpress :(@jAsE
    At least until I find a nice framework of sorts to create blogs that can be updated by illiterate people.
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    Yea...I can. It will cost you 3000 INR
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