In about 12 hours I have to make, which would currently be, the biggest decision of my life (so far).

Either I shut down my company. Or I closer new signups to my service until further notice.

I can't believe I'll be dropping the bomb on my partner soon.

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    @g-m-f any decision I make would be temporary. For a year or two. But.. it's a legal issue while I'm away at college.
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    May the force be with you
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    May the source be with u too
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    If you close new signups to the server, will you be able to still service the existing customers while you are at college? If yes, then that may be the way to go. If no, then it sounds like the only chose is to close the company completely.
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    @WildCard9 hey, yes existing clients will remain for as long as the business runs. If I close signups for a year (that's until I graduate) existing customers will be served like they always have been. However, if I decide to close the company, existing clients will receive an email letting them know that the service will end when their term ends. I will however be providing them with an alternative that I have partnered with.
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