Let's say that I might want to change job. I'm into finance, but I'd like to approach the game developing side (yeah I know, don't even start, it is how it is!)

Question​ is: I've got a bunch of projects to showcase my ability to code in different​ languages. Would setting a public git repo be helpful? Currently all of my repos a private, and not really thought for being read by others, but I can always polishing things up. Would that be an asset or doesn't it worth the while?

I mean, in my experience nobody ever asked me access to my git repo!

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    I am curious about this myself.
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    If you have no formal education in CS these projects are everything it is your only proof that you know how to code so I would say that having them as open repos will help. At least in my experience every single employer gives me the opportunity to supply them with my GitHub link... I don't have to but I definitely think it helps
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    @Axis Well, I'm a developer at the moment, so my experience should be enough, shouldn't it?

    But when I look for quant Dev jobs, nobody ever asked me for my github. They just do tests for math, finance and coding.

    So, if I understood you correctly, you're saying that even if I got experience in coding, due to changing field that might not be enough, this a git repo would be helpful. Is that right?

    Anyway, I'll do that, instead of working on new projects I'll refine and publish the existing ones!

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