This shit is so life draining, I can only think of jumping to the next highest paying company to keep earning more and saving for financial independence. Fuck this shit. This is no life.

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    So you thought, making your interesting and mentally challenging hobby your job was a good idea...

    Yeah, me too, comrade.
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    Why not jump to a company you like instead?
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    @Oktokolo oohh this hits hard...
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    @electrineer I'd jump to some more relaxed environment but those are paid way less than the ones I've been on for the past 5 years. I really don't want to be working in this field when I'm over 40 (2 years ahead) so I want to earn as much as possible within my capabilities to invest in something else, have a Lean F.I.R.E and at least decide what to do with my free time. Be a baker, dog walker idk, but definitely not staring at code in a screen 12h a day. Or maybe I'll just do this as a hobby like the other comment.
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    Have you always felt this way about all your dev jobs? Or had it been a recent realisation built up over time- along the lines ”X years in this field and still…”
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    @jiraTicket oh thank you so much for your username, it gave me a well needed laugh before going to sleep. This feeling has build up I think in my current place. I've lost all joy in the craft. I really liked it in the previous company although I gave too much and ended burned out in the end. Have a nice day/night kind internet stranger.
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