My GitHub repo has a little over 1,000 downloads but only 433 stars does that seem off to anyone? For an employer does GitHub stars on a project even matter?

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    @rtannerf well from my understanding they aren't unique downloads so it's a total and I have had mutliple releases. If most of those users installed at least 4 of 13 releases I would have way more downloads no?
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    I think most employers would say "what is a github?" If I was hiring I would look at your code and not the stars or downloads, etc. I think I have never "stared" a repo myself..
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    I"m happy when a candidate even has an github account. But I'm not looking at stars but the code itself what quality it has
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    Stars? What are those? 😅😢
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    For frontend/design work, a portfolio is common. Backenders are often asked to solve some challenges (example: given this db dump, write an API which aggregates and presents it).

    Having a relevant highly starred /downloaded open source project can be a quick shortcut past such things, but it's rarely required — and they'll still weigh your code quality and relevance heavier than the stats.
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    @bittersweet to be quite honest however even though my application is written using electron and web technologies im not looking to become a backend or front end dev. I most plan on working with embedded systems and native applications. So does the project even matter if it won't be relevant to my job title?
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    @Axis It's a perk. At the very least it proves that you can work with git, maintain a project and handle issues.
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