Lubuntu is it good ? What is the difference between it and Ubuntu?

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    It's literally Ubuntu with the LxDE desktop environment (and yes, I do realize that I just said "Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment desktop environment").

    So, if you like LxDE, go for it. Personally, I like Cinnamon better, but I know some people like i3 and others swear by Awesome....
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    @mariem like @RiderExMachina said, but if u want more lightweight, avoid desktop environment.
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    Let's not reinvent the wheel - http://lmgtfy.com//...
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    Ubtuntu uses the GNOME desktop environment, Lubuntu uses the LXDE desktop environment. However I prefer Kubuntu with the K desktop environment (KDE).
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    To put it short: "lubuntu" sounds like old Indian word for moon or banana which would be hilarious. "Ubuntu" doesn't.
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    @Zennoe Sorry, I was half awake when I posted that.
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    Lubuntu is pretty snappy on older hardware. I keep a core2 duo ThinkPad running with it and it still feels quite usable with the latest version (zesty).
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    The letter L 😊 (apologies have waited to make this joke for way too long!)
    @matsaki95 i think you could give some advice?
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    @Jop- Its not a stripdown, its a full blown ubuntu with lxde as a default desktop env which make it lightweight.
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    Lubuntu user here. It's just a ubuntu with lxde instead gnome, and lightweight replacement of most software, like abiword, gnumeric, mtpaint, mplayer, etc. I like lubuntu because it is a very simple environment. It remembers me win95, just an start menu with organized apps without these fancy animations or intuitive bullshit. When I fresh install lubuntu I remove all lightweight apps and install the mainstream ones like libreoffice, vlc, firefox, etc.
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    @matsaki95 yes installed by default
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    @matsaki95 I don't remember if it is Midori or Firefox. But I think you're right.
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