I'm a junior dev and my senior is not getting around to reviewing my tickets. Now there are multiple months-old tickets that still have to be reviewed. That feature should have been released months ago and it has not yet been reviewed.

Soon the (only) senior dev will go on a holiday and it feels kinda useless to continue to develop stuff that takes forever to be reviewed.

In the past 1 week, there is one ticket reviewed and there are 10 more in review. :')

It's not like it's a big team... 3 devs (The senior, me and another junior (who is on leave for the past 2 weeks for personal reasons).

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    I forgot to add. We migrated from gitlab to bitbucket and there were a few pull requests that were simple bug fixes that were awaiting a review for... half a year or more.

    They have not been migrated :')
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