In light of this week's topic - I need your thoughts. I am planning to quit my current job. In your experience, should I have another job before quitting or look for it full time. I just got my appraisal - will the salary at the new job match my increased salary or would it be the same. Note, I have only 1 year experience.

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    Probably won't get the same money in a new job for some time but if you want to quit it's probably not just the salary...

    With a year's experience Id suggest looking for a job while working. See how a couple interviews go
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    Agree with @rickdiculous179, I'd look for another job before quitting.
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    It depends. I searched in my free time for a new job without quitting. I had to pay the rent you know!! I found one and after I have signed I informed my current at the time employer. After 2 weeks I started at the new job. Money is now at least +50% than my previous job. I was underpaid you see.

    I followed instructions of the HR of the new company for these. (2 weeks after agreement to be able to start work, etc.).
    I also was referred by a friend that worked there. I think it was considered a plus.
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    Yes, it's not just the salary. I'm a little frustrated here. But I guess most people I have talked to suggest to not quit until I have another job. I'll probably not quit until I have job, but just wondering, how long would it take me to find another job?
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    @puppypower starting from zero from this very moment? Without already referrals of colleagues of yours or a friend that is looking for something like you?

    Probably just about 3 months. I hope you find faster of course. But I think around this time you will have found something good. Not just an escape.
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    @lostinmyworld Okay! I can stick around for 3 months I suppose. And I have referrals as well. So I guess 3 months is more than enough. Thanks!
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